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About Us

A family run business since 1999

Asper Marble Workshop

A family run and owned business

Located in Hounslow, Asper Marble & Granite has provided quality stone fabrication and fitting to customers throughout the south east and beyond. Since establishing in 1999, the company has grown considerably to meet the needs of its clients. But to say that the company simply sprang up overnight would be greatly undercutting its history and value.

A picture-perfect example of a truly "family-owned" business.

Asper Marble & Granite is a picture-perfect example of a truly “family-owned” business. Long-time stone mason Wany Asper, a veteran of 25 years in the industry, founded the company in 1999 with the help and support of his wife Vivian. Today, the company is run under the oversight of his sons:

  • Rafi Asper, who joined the company in 2002 has gained vast experience in the stone industry from production to technical installation.
  • Armen Asper, who joined in 2007 after a university education and earning a degree in Business Information Technology, has since gained expertise in stone production, Technical CAD drawings and CNC operations.

Although the company is run by his sons, Wany Asper still maintains an influential role in the development of the company, while Vivian Asper is in charge of the Accounts and also uses her knowledge and expertise to help when called upon.

Top of the line factory

Through the years, Asper Marble & Granite has invested in the latest CNC machinery to make sure the jobs are not only done to the highest standards, but to ensure a quick turnaround on orders.


Asper marble and granite have looked at reducing wastage in as many areas as possible and have installed a complex recyclable water system throughout their Factory.

Health and Safety

Although efficiency is very important, health and safety is of paramount importance to Asper Marble & Granite. Therefore, state of the art waterfall dust extraction systems are installed throughout the masons area of the factory, and our advanced machinery uses wet systems to significantly reduce the amount of dust produced.

Furthermore, lifting cranes have been installed meaning one member of staff can safely manoeuvre sheets of stone (up to 500KG). Without this technology, masons would have to lift heavy sheets from one area to another several times a day, meaning a substantially higher risk of injury.

Our on-site factory is fully equipped

  • Automatic Bridge-Saws
  • 5-Axis CNC Machines
  • Edge Polisher
  • Lifting Cranes
  • Eco-friendly water recycling systems
  • Waterfall dust extraction systems
  • Polishing stations

With this technology, Asper Marble & Granite’s factory is capable of producing high volumes of work for the largest sites in the UK.

Customer Involvement

Asper Marble & Granite’s staff members have all been trained and vetted to ensure a high standards of customer service is met. Customers are encouraged to come and examine the quality of work on display in the showroom and in the adjacent factory at their leisure. We believe in complete transparency for the customer.

Client Base

Asper Marble & Granite pride themselves on a client base which includes a great network of builders, architects, developers and residential customers, as well as celebrities and high profile clientele. They have also completed numerous projects for large hotel chains, bars, restaurants and have also been involved in some of the largest construction sites in the south east.

What our customers say